The modern medium cartridges can surely kill dangerous game, but there is a vast difference between shooting an undisturbed animal, compared to a charging one or a wounded beast. In this case stopping power is the most important criteria.

Triple River Gunsmithing has been building Safari Classic Rifles for CZ-USA since 2004 in 338 Lapua, 404 Jeffery, .450 Rigby, .500 Jeffery, .505 Gibbs and other safari calibers.

Triple River Gunsmithing uses CZ 550 Safari Mauser style actions – rugged, heavy duty, capable of accommodating a wide variety of safari calibers suitable for dangerous game.

The Safari Classic rifles feature a single set trigger set up to your specifications, glossy, satin, matt or rust blue finish on metal parts, Fancy Grade American walnut stock with dual crossbolts and a straight comb glass bedded to the individual action and a barrel band.

Upgrades include bolt jewelling, action job, extractor jewelling, installation of a muzzle break and more.