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The modern medium cartridges can surely kill dangerous game, but there is a vast difference between shooting an undisturbed animal, compared to a charging one or a wounded beast. In this case stopping power is the most important criteria.

Triple River Gunsmithing has been building Safari Classic Rifles for CZ-USA since 2004 in 338 Lapua, 404 Jeffery, .450 Rigby, .500 Jeffery, .505 Gibbs and other safari calibers.

A custom gun starts with the customer. We listen and we work with our customers to make sure that they are satisfied with the product. We will quote your project for free, just let us know what can we help you with. Send us an e-mail here

CZ 550 Safari Classic cal. 458 Lott Express Rifle, glossy blue finish, glass bedded fancy American Walnut stock with crossbolts, barrel band and custom muzzle break

Triple River Gunsmithing
About us

Welcome to Triple River Gunsmithing, custom gun makers and professional gunsmiths for over 20 years, located in the heart of Ozarks in Warsaw, MO.

Whether you are looking to repair your grandfather’s gun or if you want to have a custom gun built from scratch, we are here to satisfy your needs and desires. We take pride in every firearm that we build or restore. Firearms have always been our passion and our reputation and the quality of our services has gained us the status of Custom shop for CZ (BRNO) Mauser style rifles. We are also the factory-authorized gunsmith for TRISTAR Shotguns.

Harlan Satrang, Owner